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About dragonflier

I am 47 and my husband is 48 yrs young. This our 1st RV. We have a 1969 Econoline 302 that sleeps 4. It is great. We have 4 dogs, 3 that are rescued. We have 3 grown men, a great daughter in law, 2 beautiful boy grand babies, I love painting ceramics and wood pieces. I am disabled with MS and my husband is a handyman when he gets the chance. I enjoy reading books on my tablet and doing any kind of typing or research on my laptop.

Poor baby (my motorhome that is), lol

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Well my poor baby had to go into the shop yesterday.  She needs a rebuilt transmission so in she had to go. much rather be safe then sorry. We just moved our trip towards the end of September. We are going to the Sequoia’s instead of our plan to Washington.  My aunt is going to be meeting us there instead. next trip we can make it to her house. This trip is going to be for her and myself cause neither of us have ever been there. We are really looking forward to it.

Dragonflier (my motor home’s name) is due back on Friday so we are going to make a few day or 1 night over stays to place to see how she does. I originally made the mistake of telling my husband that we should just jump in and go, lol. yeah well that didn’t work out.  I am just enjoying putting needed things in there that we need and decorating a bit. I really don’t think we will ever being full timers cause my husband stated that he still wants to keep our house so he has a home to come to when he wants to. I agree but I also want to travel so we agreed to no more then 30 days at one time on the road for now, well heck it is a start, lol

Well  that’s about it for now. I will share my joy with ya all on Friday when I get Dragonflier back ~~~~

Howdy everyone~~

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Well this is my first post. Hoping to be many more to come. We are day trippers right now, though in September we will be headed to Washington. I am looking forward to longer trips and eventually be long timers. We are only taking 2 of our 4 dogs right now but look forward to all 4 of them being able to go. Looking Forward to meeting everyone as well through our travels~~